Your Body… Your LifeTime Companion

Your Body Image is not what you see or perceive, it’s how you feel…

As MidLife Women we have been bombarded for years what we ‘should’ look like and to avoid ‘getting old’ at all cost.  Many of us have stood in front of the mirror, focusing on a specific “troublesome” body part, hoping for some quick fix or finding a way to cover it up.  Picking on ourselves, thinking, too fat, thin lips, thick thighs, too short, too tall, too thin, boring hair color, too many grey hairs, gravity is winning, wrinkles are getting deeper, so on and so forth.

I have a few troublesome body parts. The one I focused a lot of my attention on is my belly. It protrudes out and it has for most of my life. No matter how many situps, diets, fads, it is clearly there. The other troublesome one that really bothered me was my hair color. I always thought it was boring brown.  I tried all kinds of colors and when my first grey hairs showed up, I become even more diligent covering my ‘age’. Lately, it’s been my eyes.  They decided to have big puffy bags underneath and heavy eyelids on top.  In my mind, it seems my eyes are becoming smaller and look exhausted all the time.

Appreciating ourselves and our bodies doesn’t come easily for many of us, especially in our culture we are told from the time we are young, to make sure every hair, wrinkle, curve, bump, has been eliminated or blurred. In other words, we can’t be our true selves and show up as being human.

It takes daily attention/intention to not pick on myself.  To appreciate what I have and to be a lot kinder to myself.  Something happened when I became curious how I was going to age.  How would it unfold?  So I stopped dying my hair, allowing the greys to show. I do my exercise and make healthier choices when I eat and not be so angry I don’t have a flat belly.  I don’t use concealer or makeup anymore.  I also decided not to do any surgery on around my eyes and give myself permission to grow older, naturally. I became a friend to my body instead of a constant critic.  Does the Inner Meanie share her thoughts?  Yes, but now I have strategies and actions I can take to quiet the voice.

When we become friends with our body, it increases our self~esteem, self~worth and leads to thriving in other areas of our lives.

If you are ready to stop belittling,  berating, and doing a disservice to yourself, here’s a wonderful FREE source of suggestions/tips to take daily actions. This is a great way to start creating harmony between you and your body.

A woman’s relationship with her body is the most important relationship she’ll ever have,” says health and fitness expert Diana K. Roesch. How sad that in our culture it is primarily not a loving relationship, but rather a relationship that causes insecurity, fear, self-doubt, shame, guilt, low self-esteem, and all too often, self-hatred.

Let This FREE Copy Be Your Guide to have a loving relationship with your body.

In the U.S., at least 5–10 million girls and women are struggling with eating disorders—anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or compulsive overeating. The odds of finding a woman who doesn’t have at least some body image issues are nil.

Ours is a nation that starves, diets, purges, binges, and exercises to the point of creating serious health problems, sometimes even causing death. And most of us are at least dissatisfied and at worst even hate some parts of our bodies.

Now is the time to get off the insanity ride and reclaim our humanness, our MidLife Womanhood. Stand with pride, confidence, and acceptance.  We owe to ourselves and to our bodies, our LifeTime Companions!!!

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