It’s true, you need love yourself, and the quickest and most effective way to truly love yourself is by practicing self-care. It sounds so easy, yet it seems to be so complicated for so many of us.

However, there’s a good chance that you have been instilled with the idea that taking time for yourself is selfish. It’s been drummed into you by society for your entire life, that you should always put others first rather than looking out for your own needs. I’m here to tell you that this notion is false. You are worth more than that and true happiness lies in self-care.

You don’t need to feel guilty about carving out “Me” Time and putting yourself first. It’s vital to your health and your happiness. You don’t need to make up excuses for taking ‘me time’ and ‘me time’ definitely don’t need to justify it.

Ask yourself this… if you aren’t your own priority, whose priority are you? Exactly, and if you can’t even show your own time and body respect why on earth would anyone else stop to consider that?

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  1. Tandy Elisala

    I love this quote: If you aren’t your own priority, whose priority are you? YES YES YES! Sharona, if we don’t make ourselves a priority, nobody else will. In fact, it will only guarantee that we are other people’s priorities. We must make ourselves a priority and know, feel and believe we are worthy and deserving. The more we realize that our needs are just as important as everyone else’s needs, then true self-love happens.

  2. Cathy

    So true that we need love ourselves and if it is so good for everyone else around us, why isn’t it our priority? I do think there is a ton of self-imposed guilt around self-care and isn’t that silly?

    • Sharona

      Cathy, great questions and ponderings

  3. Jackie Harder

    This belief that self-care is selfish is rampant among women I coach. It’s only when I tell them that there is a reason why airlines pssengers are told to put on their own oxygen masks first in case of emergency that they get it. You must be healthy and whole to help others.

    • Sharona

      the oxygen mask is a really good example….

  4. Claudette Chenevert

    Great question Sharona “if you aren’t your own priority, whose priority are you?” When we focus on everyone else but ourselves, we neglect our well-being. Like you mention, when we don’t respect our bodies, how can we expect others to respect us.

    It always starts with us, doesn’t it?

    • Sharona

      this is something we all really need to look at…where are we on our “to do” list?…


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