December can be a month full of surprises.  Some can be fun and joyful.  Others can be full anxiety or even dread. Comparing what it should look like be with television programs, commercials, other peoples facebook post, may bring up competition for the best meal, gift or childhood memory. It can also bring up overwhelm, enormous stress and the trigger of perfectionism.

Here is a Thrival Guide to help with the steps as you Dance With December!!!

As you Dance With December,  there are times when life is going to hectic.  Remember, we are only human and we can only do so much.  Sometimes we end up on our butts  It’s ok. We can take a moment and pick yourselves up, for even great dancers trip and fall.

Each time we fall, we build the experience to rise & soar….

If you are struggling with your MidLife ThrivalHood, especially at this time of the year, signup for the Free Mini e~Seminar below.  


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