This time of year is suppose to be a time of joy, friendliness and harmony.  Yet for many of us instead of excitement and anticipation it turns into frustration, exhaustion and feeling melancholy.

Trying to meet all our obligations can bring about a sense of overwhelm.  We may feel out of sync with our friends and family.  We may feel the pressure of always being on or in a good/merry mood.  Maybe we are nostalgic for gatherings in the past or remembering those who have passed away.  Perhaps this year we may find ourselves feeling lonely because of emotional or geographical distant.  Maybe money is weighing heavy on our minds. Maybe it’s the current state of the world.

Here are a few suggestions when dealing with Holiday Blues

 1.  Honor the sadness and let it move through

2.  Cry it out.  It’s a cleansing, a release and brings about a sense of relief

3.  Retreat. Unplug.

4.  Reach out and share with a trusted “side kick”

5.  Go outdoors and surrender to nature. Create unscheduled time

6.  Be reasonable with expectations and scheduling

7.  Spend the whole day in pjs

8.  Let others know what you need/ ask for help

9.  Moderation in eating, drinking, socializing, exercising,sleeping

 As a MidLife Woman Dancing With Change, we can “celebrate” in the best way that honors where we are and what we are experiencing.

If you are struggling with your MidLife ThrivalHood, especially at this time of the year, signup for the Free Mini e~Seminar below.  


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