Codependency or the Disease to Please can find ourselves feeling unfulfilled in relationships, not asserting ourselves enough, or perhaps we have difficulty figuring out where our responsibility for someone else ends? Issues like these and others, such as perfectionism, low self-esteem, distrust, and even physical illness related to stress can indicate that we have some codependent behavior.

Codependency commonly occurs when a loved one needs support and we take care of that person at the expense of ourselves.  We learn codependency by watching and imitating people in our family and in society who display the behavior. Often, codependency passed down from generation to generation. The behaviors could include:

Controlling     Lack of Trust    Repression    Weak Boundaries       Resentment      Disconnected From Self

Codependents have trouble saying “NO” when asking for help and trouble asking for help for ourselves.  We have a tendency to be hypervigilant and have way too many things going at once…We can unlearn the cycle of codependency  by recognizing where it comes from.  To understand where the boundary is between ourselves and others.  To know when and how to say “NO” when required…

InterDependence ~ The relationship between 2 or more living beings where each one benefits from the other…

People are inherently social.  We need others to get anything done.  We are InterDependent, not with just other people, but with all life.  Therefore to have healthy interdependency we need to have appropriate boundaries, taking your own needs into consideration and knowing when to say “NO”. We can still be caring and be there for others without having to put ourselves to the side.  We are not responsible for others’ feelings and we don’t need to fix their problems…Focus on your needs, Know your strengths and limitations ~ Stay on your side of the net…

We are InterDependent with our body. Are you friends with your body or do you have a love/hate relationship?

If you are ready to stop belittling,  berating, and doing a disservice to yourself, here’s a wonderful FREE source of suggestions/tips to take daily actions. Your Body ~ Your LifeTime Companion is a great way to start creating harmony between you and your body.

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  1. Beverley Golden

    I imagine women have a harder time saying ‘no’ to others than men do, Sharona. I know I have been the one to offer to help and because of that, people come to me asking me for help. It’s taken time to learn to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty or worrying how putting myself first would be received by the other person. Thanks for the encouragement to step out of the co-dependency cycle, and to feel good about ourselves and creating the boundaries that are so important for our health and well-being.


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