Take Stock of Your MidLife…

January derived its name from the Roman deity, Janus, which had 2 faces, one looking forward ( the future), the other looking back (the past).  As we pass through the doorway into a new year, we can review the past and set the intention for the next 12 months, Taking Stock of Our MidLives.

Spend some time with the questions below and be honest with yourself.  Be honest about what you really want in your MidLife and how you feel about it.  It may not be easy, especially if you feel stuck or overwhelmed with uncertainty, and face the truth nonetheless. Whatever change that needs to be made, acknowledging the truth will give you a jumping off place for the next step.

Here are a few ponderings to get you started…You may choose to do all the questions at once or start with ones that jump out at you…Also, consider answering the ones that seem to have a strong negative reaction.  You may uncover information you weren’t aware of…Writing/journaling by hand connects body, mind, and spirit….

In writing down your answers, remember to notice what you already have that is working and uncover Who You Are…What You Believe…What You Really Need…Now in your MidLife…

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