How Will You Keep Your Cool?…

Summer Time and the living is easy or is it. Sure there are picnics & barbeques, going to the beach, swimming, hanging out, and longer daylight.  With the rising temperatures, our stress, frustration, and anger may rise too.

See if you can relate to any of these summer stressors below. Just know that anticipating and planning for summertime’s changes will go a long way towards making your summer the pleasurable experience you want it to be.


Tempers can flare along with the temperature. Heat can also bring on lethargy creating difficulty to feel energized to get work done…

More Traffic:

Longer daylight hours means more people out and about…going places…the streets and freeways can be crowded…it can take longer to get anywhere…

Family and Guest:

Summertime can bring guests and family coming to visit…the re-scheduling activities for your daily routines… additional running around and entertainment…more home chores inside and out can increase stress levels…

Change at Work and Vacations:

More people on vacations may mean more work for you or you may need to get a lot done before you take your vacation,,, Planning and taking a vacation can bring its own stress…”I need a vacation from my vacation…and all the catch-up work waiting for your return…

Eating Habits and Body Image:

Regular eating times may be interrupted and more fast food may be the answer when it’s just too dang hot to cook…With the heat means fewer clothes and more exposed skin…which can bring up body issues…Diet and body issues effects stress levels…

During the Summer, we can be a little bit more annoyed with ourselves and our bodies.  When we become friends with our body, it increases our self~esteem, self~worth and leads to thriving in other areas of our MidLives.

If you are ready to stop belittling,  berating, and doing a disservice to yourself, here’s a wonderful FREE source of suggestions/tips to take daily actions. Your Body ~ Your LifeTime Companion is a great way to start creating harmony between you and your body.


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