Listening To The Wisdom Of Our Bodies!!!

Listening To The Wisdom Of Our Bodies!!!

Our Bodies holds more intelligence than we give credit to it.

Our bodies functions to we can be our best, however, sometimes we ignore its messages and drive ahead with what our minds tell us. Perhaps because we’re not taught from early on to pay attention to internal messages as well as external demands, we frequently ignore our body’s communications.

Instead of paying attention to our bodies signals, we will take the extra-strength aspirin headache instead of investigating the cause. We use more caffeine or sugar to give us a lift when we feel tired, rather than hearing our body’s message about needing rest or recognizing our fatigue as an early symptom of burnout we’d do well to heed. Or perhaps we’re so disconnected from the wisdom of our bodies that we have no idea what we really want to eat, reacting instead to the temptations that abound in our imagination and in the ads we see.

Ways to give our bodies an equal say in how we use its wisdom…

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