For many years, I would make New Year’s resolutions.  Time after time, the pressure of life and time inevitably, the resolutions would fall.  I ended up feeling disappointed with myself.  This increase my stress level and opened an opportunity for the “inner meanie” to pipe in with their favorite statements ~ ‘Why bother?’, ‘You’re such a screw-up’, ‘You’re not good enough’.  After years of the unhealthy routine, I made the decision to let go of whole resolution ritual and focus on one area of my life I wanted to change.

Some years it would be dealing with physical concerns, or it might be emotional issues or perhaps better communications with self and others.  Finding just one area to focus on for the year and taking it literally one day at a time created a foundation of small shifts and much less pressure.  

Here are 10 Ways to Begin, Maintain and Thrive in this Coming Year….

The best way to Thrive this coming year is by living life fully on a daily basis, and by letting the good days accumulate, one by one. And it doesn’t have to be New Year’s Day to have a Thriving year. Start anytime. Today, for instance:

1. Take time and slow down. Be mindful of the present moment.

2. Care for your body. Eat well, exercise, treat yourself to loving, nurturing self-care.

3. Spend quality time with family and friends. Communicate, keep in touch. Say “I love you.” Tell people you appreciate them.

4. Take time to renew yourself. Take a walk, read a poem or a good book, listen to music. Bring beauty into your life. Retreat from your daily routine.

5. Clean up what needs to be cleaned up. Make amends, fix what’s broken, clear away clutter, forgive what needs to be forgiven and let go.

6. Commit to a project you really want to do. Learn something new, or go for what you want. Set achievable goals and work towards them every day.

7. Give yourself to a cause. Volunteer at a nonprofit, a community group, a place of worship, or lend a hand to an individual or family who could use your help.

8. Feed your Spirit. In whatever form you express it, practice daily.

9. Laugh every day.

10. Take time to dream.

What will make this a Thrival year for you?

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