Being alive on the planet, we can not escape major change in our lives.  Be it a natural disaster, the death of a loved one, career change or job loss, rebooting our lives is not an easy task. Major life changes could bring with it extreme heartache, debilitating stress, and despair.

We can do this, we have it within us to recuperate and grow from life-changing events.


If you know someone or if you are experiencing a time to start over, let go, and thrive on here are few tips: 

  •  Take the Time to Let Go:  Change, whether we choose it or chooses us, has a grief component. Take the necessary time to grieve your losses.  Every person’s grief is unique to them.
  • Practice Extreme Self-Care: Be gentle with yourself. Rest, eat healthiest you can, say yes only what you can take on.  Just be.
  • Take Small Steps: Starting over can be overwhelming.  Focus on one step at a time. Take care of immediate needs first and then go forward from there.
  • Embrace What Is: Whatever event happened…Happened.  Playing the “what if” game can lead to a stuckness.  Accepting can help with the process to keep moving forward.
  • Have a Support Team: Besides family and friends, an outside group or a professional can give additional support to lean on with what is being dealt with and expressing the pain of loss.



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  1. Claudette Chenevert

    thanks for sharing this post as I know that it can be hard to deal with change and loss.
    Support from friends and loved ones can really make a difference in how to deal with our challenges. And as always, taking small steps, even if it’s just waking up and getting out of bed, is a good place to start. 🙂

  2. Tandy Elisala

    I think all 5 of these tips are super important to healing and moving forward in life, Sharona. Taking time to grief on your own terms and for as long as needed is KEY. If we skip this step, feelings become buried and it’s that much more difficult to move forward and THRIVE in life.

  3. Candess M. Campbell

    Of all of these I think having a healthy support system is so important. As a counselor, my hardest job over the years has been influencing others to take care of themselves. Friends don’t let friends neglect themselves! Love it!

  4. Jackie Harder

    All terrific tips to help you get through inevitable change. Letting yourself experience what you’re feeling is vital. Too many people — myself at the top of the list — spend lifetime stuffing their feelings, only to have them rebound in subterranean and harmful ways.

  5. Rachel Lavern

    I love change because there is a great deal of learning in the midst of it provided we are willing to have vision and perspective.

  6. Beverley Golden

    One of the most memorable things I learned during my work with Landmark, was to choose ‘what is’. This is such a tough one for many people, as they often look back or look forward with things in the present aren’t as they would like. Letting go takes practice. Some people seem wired to hold on to things, events, people or circumstances longer than other people do. Thanks for your insights, Sharona. With awareness and practice we all can being agin without letting the past define our future.

  7. Cathy

    The support team is the key. I just saw a cute graphic that said “boys rule the world…girls rule the boys”. We can do anything.


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