FREE Mini e~Book: The Essential Guide To Reducing Stress With Meditation and Mindfulness”

This time of year, many of women may be feeling the extra demands and pressure we put on ourselves with holiday overwhelm, creating unrealistic expectations for ourselves and others, and putting everybody else’s need before ours…

The STRESS becomes unbearable and resentment builds…and gatherings can become full~blown dramas or impulsions…

The good news is we can avoid over-stressing and managing the stress by creating healthy routines and rituals

This FREE mini e~Book Stress Less, is a guide to help you find the calm, the harmony, and joy to not just survive but Thrive!!!!

Discover HOW to stress less

⇒ What exactly is stress, and how stress damages the brain

⇒ Understanding the complexity of your stress

⇒ How to meditate to stress less, getting started and correct breathing for stress reduction

⇒ Mindfulness and CBT

Plus, lots more!


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